Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Marching Through March

It is the first mild day of March.
Each minute sweeter than before . . .
There is a blessing in the air.
--William Wordsworth

March winds are double-edged, bearing the heaviness of winter along with the brightness of spring. March sometimes makes us want to huddle indoors and sometimes makes us want stand in the sunshine and dream of kites. It is a cusp month, balancing between winter and spring, making us wonder if one has gone or if the other has finally come.

Embrace the teetering days of March. Choose one or all of these activities to still the inner turmoil of life and listen closely to the writer in you.

*Create a database with names of publishing houses and editors.
*Set aside a calendar or daybook to record your writing information -- who's who, where something was sent, when something was requested, etc.
*Write a limerick to honor St. Patrick's Day.
*Write a letter to one of your favorite living authors. Tell the author why you love what he/she writes and quote a couple of your favorite lines or paragraphs from one of his/her books.
*Read a novel by an author you've never read before and write a review of it for an online site such as Amazon.
*Buy a book of poetry. It will do your heart good.

Challenge yourself. Go deep and write a few paragraphs about one of these issues:

The dream of being a writer is different from the reality of it. If I knew then what I know now, these are the things I would do differently.

If I could only write about one period in history, this is what I would choose and why.

If I could only write in one point of view (male or female) this is the one I would choose and why.

Now....go fly a kite!

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