Friday, August 29, 2014

Serial Mur--I mean, Musings

Oh, the tangled webs we weave....

I'm writing a series now called "The Mind's Eye" series and Book #2 is being released in a matter of days. This is a first for me and it's been a real trip so far. I went at this almost with blinders on . . . just diving in and not giving much thought to the books ahead of me.

Luckily, I did create two protagonists I really love. They're multi-dimensional and have interesting backstories I can draw on and their present predicaments are also juicy!

Book #1 -- "Through His Eyes" -- was a complete joy to write and rewrite and rewrite. Loved it. Still do.

Book #2 -- "Through His Touch" -- was also fun to write, but there was a bit of tension stirring in me the whole time, too. I was now cognizant of how a series must build in popularity and word-of-mouth or perish. Gulp! My first one received wonderful reviews, but didn't climb very far up the best-seller or even moderate-seller ladder. However, I did make inroads with bloggers, which I feel is very important and something I've not done for my previous books. While i was more aware of the type of promotion involved and the $$ it would take, I was still not as "savvy" as I should be. Book promoter is a new job for me and I'm still finding my way.

Book #3 is in its infancy. It's supposed to be the final one, but I'm not ready to say farewell to these characters, so I'm leaving the door open for more adventures, more angst, more revealing of character flaws and fears. It's true -- series books can be addictive.

My only hope is that the books continue to get attention and readership. If #3 lies dormant without showing any readership growth, I'll have to re-evaluate my desire to continue with the series. As it stands, I do plan to take a break after #3 and write an historical romance that I've outlined and am yearning to flesh out. After that's done, I'll decide whether I should do another 3 books for Mind's Eye or say a fond and tearful farewell to my lovely Levi and courageous Trudy.