Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting Handsy

My New Fetish -- Men's Hands

I don't know why, but I have become fascinated lately with men's hands. I especially love large hands with long fingers. Yes, I know about the age-old analogy of what a man's hands can tell you about a more intimate part of his body, but I'm not going there here. I have gone there, but not right here and now. (By the way, I find that, for the most part, it's true!)

It all started one day when I was watching a commercial on TV and I noticed that, when the man rested his hand alongside the woman's head, his hand covered the whole side of of it! I placed my hand in the same place on my head and my hand covered from my jaw to the corner of my eye. Then I noticed how a man's hand can cover a good portion of a woman's back or her hip. One evening I placed my hand against my guy's hand and his fingers soared past the tips of mine. I'd never really noticed that before.

Not every woman needs or wants to feel smaller or fragile next to a man, but many do. It's not that we want to be "the weaker sex," for most women know this is poppycock. However, the femininity in us does call us to enjoy the feeling of protection. I truly think it's part of a woman's DNA, going all the way back to our most primitive beings. The placement of a man's hands on a woman's body can make her feel all sorts of things -- things she might not even feel comfortable feeling! Small, protected, sheltered, gentled, placated, submissive, claimed, revered, adored.

Look at the handshake. It's given to mean that the person holds no weapon and is offering peace and solidarity. Ask any businessman or businesswoman and you'll find that handshakes have never gone out of style. James Bond put a lot of stock in a man's handshake.

Where a man is allowed to place his hands on a woman speaks volumes about his relationship to the woman. If a woman lets him run his fingers through her hair, she feels an intimacy with him because women (and men) don't like you to touch their hair (other than a hairstylist or barber) unless they are quite familiar with you. Face touching is the same. As humans we are programmed to protect our faces -- most importantly our eyes. So, allowing someone to touch our faces without permission takes some trust. Just think how many people in your life you would feel comfortable about running their hands over or through your hair or caressing your face. Not very many, huh?

When a man embraces a woman's shoulders it says they are friendly. When he slips an arm around her waist, he's more than friendly. Why is this? Because his hand is coming closer to her private parts, that's why! And if he cups her backside . . .whoa! They're lovers or very nearly lovers. Or he's going to get his face slapped.

It's the language of hands. Fascinating.

Let's give a hand to hands. They do a lot for us, they say a lot about us, and they send signals out to us. And there's something about a man's  hands . . . long fingered hands . . . wide palms . . . strong and yet gentle . . . oh yeah. Gotta hand it to 'em!