Sunday, March 18, 2012

Guest Post!

Writing Nonfiction
By Peggy Fielding

Writing nonfiction, i.e., writing truth, is as much an art as writing fiction and, of course, nonfiction is certainly easier to sell.

My bestselling books have always been nonfiction, particularly my book, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITING & SELLING MAGAZINE ARTICLES, which has made a ton of money for my publisher.

The idea of writing another book which sells as well seems impossible but I have to grin and remind myself of what one of my former students once proclaimed for me, “Writing is hard!”
Of course she was right. I just have to remind myself that all writing is difficult but indeed, writing nonfiction is much easier all around, at least for me.

Quit dilly dallying, I tell myself. Writing nonfiction is way easier than any other kind of writing which I might indulge in. “Go for it, girl!”

I just have to begin with a few ideas for manuscript preparation in a 40,000 to 100,000 word book, ready for typing and mailing. See, I’m still a dinosaur -- write the book on a tablet, then on a computer. But I send it to an editor via the U.S. postal service.

First I must answer my question as to where ideas for nonfiction books can be found.

Here’s a short list comprised for my students, and yes, I use it myself:

1. Newspapers/TV/Magazines.
2. Bodies of knowledge which you and family or friends already have.
3. Your own unusual experiences.
4. Working with an expert (you write, he/she expounds.)
5. Research on the computer or in the library.
6. Sometimes strangers can come up with good ideas but be careful. Everybody thinks he/she can make a book from his/her life, if only someone else would just write it down and market it.

Now,call me if you think you have a better idea.

Love to all of my cyber friends,

Peggy Fielding
Author of PARADISE FOUND from Zebra/Kensington Books

SCOUNDREL’S BARGAIN from Diva, AWOC Publishing


  1. Good, easy-to-understand writing advice from Tulsa's writing guru! Loved your post, Peggy

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  3. That Peggy is the world's greatest ... everything! teacher, writer, instructor, mentor. She used to drive all the way from Tulsa Town to Woodward when I begged really hard!
    Loved your post, too, Peggy.
    Hugs from Carolyn Leonard

    1. She is a wonder, isn't she? Such a big heart and talent.
      Love her!

  4. With Peggy's caustic side, she really should get into political writing. Tulsa is a hotbed of feisty political activists. There is room for a spinner like Peggy on either side, offense or defense. Peggy feels strongly about things. At a dinner one evening, a man at our table said he'd like to ask my opinion about something. My husband said, "Pick your subject, she has one." He could have said the same about Peggy. Never one to shrink from confrontation, Peggy's next non fiction work probably should be political. The pundits are making millions. Why not our Peggy?

  5. Oh my! I agree. I love what your husband said about you! I'm the same and I get in a lot of trouble for it. I guess that's why Peggy and I have been soul sisters for so many years.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Peggy. Lots of food for thought!

    1. Hey, this is my writer buddy, Gloria! She is a hard-working writer, I tell you. Talk about tenacity . . . Gloria brims with it and she is to be admired for her "sticktoitism" and the lovely stories she tells.

  7. I enjoyed so many of Peggy's classes and she was found of my son who came to the Tulsa NightWriters meetings. I learned so much from her. She's a salty and wise woman-- who has a naughty streak. "I get my sex from the Post Office." One of her comments about her trips to the post office to pick up and receive mail. I took her romance writing course and her nonfiction writing course. I learned to to write Confessions and used her book "Confessing For Money" and sold some confessions to True Story Magazine. I consider her my Fairy Godmother. I love you Peggy. Mary McCauley.

  8. I loved Peggy's classes, too. She has so much information to give and she has always been eager to help anyone who wants to write. One of my favorite things is to sit with her and chat for a few hours. We laugh until tears run down our faces!