Monday, December 21, 2015

Going Bump in the Night

You Won’t Believe This, But . . .

    Since my Mind’s Eye series deals with psychics and spirits, I’m often asked if I really believe in ghosts. I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, that I do. Mainly because of what I’ve experienced at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR.
    During that particular weekend, my friends and I heard about a room that the hotel wasn’t renting out because everyone who had stayed in that room awakened to find that the doorknob had been removed from the inside. The hotel staff would come to the rescue and open the door for them and replace the doorknob, which was often found by housekeeping under the bed or in the closet. We speculated that guests were pulling a prank to bolster all the ghost stories surrounding the hotel. However, we decided to find the room in question.
    After midnight we went to the designated floor and crept down the hall. The room was at the far end of it. Halfway down the corridor, all the lights went out. It wasn’t pitch-black. We could make out each other in the dim light cast from the moonlight streaming through the window. Giggling, we were making “ooooh-aahhhh” noises to each other when we realized it was getting very, very cold! So cold that we could see our breath fogging the air. I remember shivering and wondering, What the heck?!
    My girlfriends and I stared at each other, round-eyed and quivering, as realization dawned. Was there a spirit near us? I could hear my pulse booming in my ears and I hugged myself to ward off the chills and sudden fear.
Then, with a soft pop, the lights all came back on and the area instantly began warming up. Within a minute, it was all back to normal.
    Except we weren’t.
    Like the chicken we were, we ran from that hallway and couldn’t wait to get into our room a floor below. We sat up most of the night jabbering about our experience and asking ourselves over and over again, “Did that just happen?”

That’s just one odd experience I’ve had in Eureka Springs. Don’t even get me started about the café table that rose up and floated!


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