Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time for February

China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires, and bowls of violets --
that is my mental picture of an agreeable February afternoon.
-- Constance Spry

How well do you manage your time? We all have the same amount of it every day, but we certainly don't all use it the same way. This month think about time -- saving it, savoring it, and jealously guarding it.

*Give yourself the gift of time -- allot time every day to write.
*Begin a new tradition -- stop saying negative things to yourself. Instead of feeling defeated because you didn't meet a writing deadline you set for yourself, congratulate yourself for trying to reach the goal and getting something written. Every day you manage to add to your latest work-in-progress is a banner day.
*Celebrate Valentine's Day by making your own valentines and sending them to friends and family, baking heart-shaped sugar cookies, and watching your favorite romantic movie.
*Re-read your favorite love story this month. Can you recall the thrill you experienced the first time you read it? Indulge yourself!
*Think back to the first time you decided to be a writer. Has it lived up to your expectations? Do you still enjoy being a writer?
*Read a book set back in time and lose yourself in history.
*Zoom forward and read a book or watch a movie set in the future.

This month's "block busters" or questions that can spark your creativity:

How has writing shaped my life?

What book made me want to be a writer? What was it about that book that stirred something in me?

Words have power and this is why I know this to be true . . .

February is a shorter month, but it is Leap Year, so we all get one extra day. How will you spend it?


  1. How do I manage my time? Dear me, I hate it that I always feel compelled to tell the truth when my fingers hit the keyboard. (Don't mind telling all kind of little white lies to your face--I was born south of the Mason Dixon line, you know.) Sigh. My style of time management:

    Desperate, out of sequence, different each day, and very pitiful. The upside is I write every day and try to do two other things: walk on my treadmill 30 minutes and pray/meditate.

    I refuse to talk about my housekeeping because I'd have to lie. And I fingers you know...


    1. Ha! Well, at least you make time for the important things in life, Jackie! I have a routine of sorts, but life does have a way of messing it up. I have two jobs (three if you count fiction writing), so I have to be as strict as possible to meet my various writing deadlines. Without deadlines, I swear nothing would get done in Debby's World!